Current Tracks: Animal Collective - Hocus Pocus

David Portner, Noah Lennox, and Brian Weitz of the eclectic noise pop band Animal Collective, continue to dominate the psychedelic music scene release after release. The Maryland locals have undoubtedly left a significant mark in the domain of contemporary psych-pop with their bright and busy brand of experimental psychedelia.`

Their tenth studio album, Painting With, unconventionally premiered last November through the speakers of Baltimore-Washington International Airport, on loop, until nightfall.

The band launched a free iOS app in February, also called Painting With,  that allows two people to wirelessly connect and paint together in real-time and features an unreleased song.

The second track off the new album, ‘Hocus Pocus’, features the quintessential overlapping vocal harmonies of Portner and Lennox, a universe of modular synthesizers and foot pedal loops, and a drone played by John Cale, a founding member of experimental rock band, Velvet Underground. These are the elements of another exceptional tune by Animal Collective.

One wonders how this sixteen-year-old band will stay relevant in the ever-changing sphere of modern music. Is there still a place for this breed of avant-garde in the coming years? Regardless of where the band’s future might go, Animal Collective has transformed into an archetype of experimental music from their humble beginnings as high school friends exchanging homemade tapes.

- Sants