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Bodies-‘Blank Slate’

“What’s going to be different this time?”

It turns out, quite a lot. ‘Blank Slate’ is the second single from the upcoming Shitty Grin, the sophomore release from Victoria four-piece Bodies. ‘Blank Slate’ functions as a primer for the self-proclaimed “bedroom” rockers. Vocalist/guitarist Paul Shenton debates a night in vs. the debaucherous but potentially rewarding experience of a night out. It’s an anthem for the fear of missing out, or an ode to another night of the same patterns with overly familiar suspects, the spectre of a hangover weighing over everything. It’s the archetypal struggle for the introverted.

But so how does it sound? Bodies blend expansively chiming arpeggios alongside lilting palm muted guitars. It’s reverby—around 8.5 DIIVs on the verb scale. It’s over-driven but fluttering, self-assured but effusive. The band sound relaxed, confident in the gradual build toward the Gallagher Brothers-esque payoff. Though Shenton sang lead on just one track on their debut, here he flips easily between a radiant falsetto and a raspier head voice, perhaps hinting at a larger role as a vocalist on Shitty Grin. “Blank Slate” features a breathier sonic space than was present on 2016’s Bodies. It's a natural and welcome progression. And those choir boy harmonies on the outro! Celestial.