Current Tracks: Bousada - North Park

The Victoria, BC based rapper/producer Bousada continues to drop catchy lo-fi singles that highlight the wonders and woes of the west coast. On his latest track, “North Park”--named after Bousada’s favourite Victoria borough--he begins by calling himself out as one of the “suckers making music” in a town where “the rent’s such a dent”. It’s not an unfair sentiment; vacancy rates have dipped as low as 0.6%, while Victoria continues to garner an auspicious reputation as a hip city to live, work and vacation in.

As far as the track is concerned, the production feels like Bousada’s idealized Victoria might: unpretentious and warm, and vibes well with the artist’s didactic bars: “I found [my place] but now it’s hard to ignore / that I’m living in a city I can barely afford.” The final verse ends in this way, encapsulating the tension between feeling at home and feeling the financial pinch of a life dedicated to the arts, spent in a city that is rapidly outpacing the reach of many of its makers.

If you think gentrification is an ugly word, find a friend in Bousada by giving his “North Park” track a listen.

- Joseph Leroux