Current Tracks: Lakelse - The Prospect of the Dream EP

Lakelse (pronounced Lake-else) is an alt rock band from Victoria, BC. Their first release, The Prospect of the Dream EP contains five distorted and noisy anthems floated below vocalist Nash Park’s earnest lyricism. These songs are punchy and primarily guitar-driven, sharing some affinities with heavier genres, but retaining a softer emotional quality overall. It’s the moments of experimentation on The Prospect of the Dream--where Lakelse dives away from a more rigid sonic structure--that are the most exciting. The saxophone on Closing Credits journeys from reserved-to-cathartic; the billowing guitar noise on The Giants are on Fire is similar. It’ll probably take a few more shows and perhaps another release or two to understand what Lakelse is all about, but one thing is for certain: whatever this band does, they do it on purpose.

- Joseph Leroux