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It’s important to love yourself, but there are many times throughout our lives that we as human beings struggle to find comfort in the notion that we can love who we are.  “It is too egotistical” we might find ourselves saying, or at other times it is simply an amalgamation of  our own insecurities that tell us we’re just not worth loving. But, of course, the reality is completely the opposite. Any and all roadblocks preventing you from loving you are nothing more than human folly and fabrication.

Do you ever fall in love in your dreams?  You walk down the street and bump into a visage of which you have never before laid eyes upon and instantly the two of you, in a fervour of intoxicating passion, spontaneously elope? Running through endless scenarios of life, love and happiness while travelling everywhere from the bay of bengal to the outermost nothingness of the universe?  Or perhaps you find yourself in a caliginous dive bar populated by a sparse collection of mobster figurines pulled from the major motion picture Chicago, and in the far corner, sitting alone, you spot a stranger who you know nothing and yet everything about? And the two of you proceed to talk like old friends, until you lose yourself in their eyes, floating in the nirvana of another’s embrace until the cruel hands of reality pull you back into the waking life?

If you’ve ever experienced the allure of such a metaphysical romance you can pat yourself on the back.  You’ve successfully fallen in love with yourself.  I don’t think it’s necessary for me to explain the subtleties of dream manifestation but suffice it to say, that mysterious other you have so passionately fawned over was merely your own mind trying to make you say “I love you.”  And boy did it do a great job didn’t it?  How charming, beautiful, wise, cunning, aromatic, tantalising, uppity, audacious and sanguine our minds are, aren’t they?  And if we can love our minds, what’s not to love about us in general?  Manifest positive thought, indulge your blessed natural fantasies, and let your self-love shine bright like a diamond. Oh, we’re halfway there. Oh, living on a prayer. Peace, gluten-free bread, and land.  

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