Current Tracks: No Joy - Califone


Like the groundhog evading his shadow (but decisively not bullshit of course), the arrival of No Joy’s “Califone” assures us that summer is undoubtedly in our future. This is definitely one of those tracks that warrant the full commitment of your ears for that very first listen. Although it only runs three and a half minutes long, the way the song shifts from a choppy art-rock onset, then dives into a hook that’s all fuzzy psychedelic dream pop and back again, gives the sensation that you’ve lived an entire summer in a short couple of minutes. The ladies of No Joy sure know how to leave a person grasping with that existential feeling of nostalgia, while knowing full well you’re going to play it over again and again.

Catch their brand new EP Creep on Grey Market Records February 24th. You better believe this is one record release show I’m finding my way into.

- Olivia Perry