Current Tracks: OKGB - Self-Titled EP


Calgary imports OKGB have finally dropped an EP they're willing to stick their name to. The four lo-fi tracks of OKGB, recorded by Misha Oreshkov of Smoke Eaters, set themselves apart from The Careless Michael Singles and Tap Out as the band’s most visceral recording to date. Characterized by pulsing bass and guitar harmonies, and Carter Forman’s dominating, nervous drawl, EP opener “Last Song” plays the role of voyeur to some ominous danger. Second track “Muscle Memory” is comparatively twinkling; an almost-love song. The inimitable guitar plodding of “Wraparounds” surveys the border between fantasy and intimacy. Final track “Tasteful Nudes” rhymes about entrapment: “Collapse collapse. / Cannot relax. / Relapse, relapse. /  Running these laps” shout Forman and guitarist Jack Weston in tandem. OKGB remains dually cheeky and serious, using bright guitar leads, fuzzed out bass, and linear drumming to tackle voicelessness, desire, and their own trenchant tendencies.

OKGB by OKGB ends in under 12 minutes, but I’ll bet you these boys will have more to say.

- Joseph Leroux