Current Tracks: SUMAC - Rigid Man

Coming together once again is the super talented group of Aaron Turner (ISIS the band), Brian Cook (Russian Circles), and local Vancouverite Nick Yacyshyn (Baptists). After a recent signing to record label Thrill Jockey and in anticipation of their upcoming record "What One Becomes", SUMAC has released another righteous track screeching with raw power, "Rigid Man".

Blasting your ears from the start (as they tend to do) the track powers along with echoing bends pulled back down by the aggressive amount of distortion coming from Aaron Turner's masterful hands. As usual you will find Nick Yacyshyn pounding away in erratic time signature up until the five minute mark at which point the song takes a moment to relax and invigorate the listener, luring them into a false sense of calm before the unsuspecting onslaught that ensues.

Needless to say I cannot wait for this new album to come out, enjoy!

- Colby