Current Tracks: Time - Right Now


New to the Vancouver music scene, Right Now is the solo project of Victoria’s Smoke Eaters’ pal Peter Mackenzie. Released on February 7th, his new track “Time” combines the deep, yearning sadness of cello paired with bright piano chords and drums, and offers a much-unheard take on romantic friendship. At times crooning and at times singing in an almost unrecognisable saccharine tone, Mackenzie takes turns with his voice, all the while toying with just a hint of Growlers-esque west coast blues; the pairing lends the song many different levels of emotions that the listener can empathize with, especially with the opening lines “time divides us more than distance / I live in yesterday, you live two years ahead”.

Mackenzie does a great job of identifying the uncertainty of limerence and the want for connection with those we care about.

- Max Monday