Current Tracks: Ty Segall - Freedom's Goblin

Ty Segall has released a new solo album, an unsurprising announcement for fans of the garage rocker who have grown accustomed to his prolific output. Excluding his numerous releases with other projects such as Fuzz and GØGGS, Freedom’s Goblin marks Segall’s 10th album. The 19 track double album is a melting pot of styles ranging from elements of disco on “Despoiler of Cadaver”, to a Beatles-esque ballad on “Cry Cry Cry”, to an acoustic track with an interlaced horn section on “My Lady’s on Fire.” Segall’s signature scuzzy sound is embodied on multiple tracks, including a cover of the 1978 Hot Chocolate classic “Every 1’s A Winner,” which swaps funk for fuzz and features none other than Fred Armisen on auxiliary percussion. Segall’s wife Denée, from the punk band Vial, is also featured, providing powerfully raw vocals on “Meaning.” Concluding with the twelve minute track “And, Goodnight,” Segall brings us along for a fervent rampage of passionate and fearlessly unhinged songs. Despite his disinterest in social media and most streaming services, you can experience Freedom’s Goblin via Drag City, Bandcamp, and Apple Music.

Giorgia Autelitano