Current Tracks: YÉ YÉ ÜMBRĂ - ☽ S E V E N T E E N ☆

Didn't get your fill of spooks during this extended Halloween weekend? Thankfully we have Victoria's own YÉ YÉ ÜMBRĂ to bring us another day of chilling tunes. Released on Halloween, this is the first recorded track from the self-described freak-folk artist. With an ambient and suspenseful intro, ☽ S E V E N T E E N ☆ is a moody meditation on adolescence. The heavily effected snare rumbles punctuate layers of jangly off-kilter acoustic noodling and vocals, creating a dark, Autumnal space for the listener to spiral into.

Check out YÉ YÉ ÜMBRĂ on December 2nd to hear
☽ S E V E N T E E N ☆ in the flesh!

- Colin Crawford