Current Tracks: Greys - Warm Shadow

Having already released their sophomore album Outer Heaven a mere six months ago, it seems unbelievable that Toronto’s Greys would be able to release a second album this year, and manage to keep it a total surprise.  The lo-fi sister to April’s Outer Heaven, Warm Shadow finds the band experimenting heavily with drone techniques, creating a haunting atmosphere of vague distortion, perfect for October.  An eclectic mix of tracks with varying styles - from full on drone tracks like “Colour out of Space” to the 2 minutes of raging noise of “Fresh Hell”, and the 7 minute epic “Space Mountain”- Warm Shadow shows that Greys is much more than just a punk band capable of hemorrhaging ear drums.

- Clark Ridge

Warm Shadow is available on bandcamp for whatever you’d like to pay, and all proceeds until October 12th will donated to Sistering, a women’s shelter based in Toronto.