Vancouver’s Ladyfrnd is an electronic duo that features Yuki Holland’s delicate vocals backed by Peter Ricq's subtle, steady pulse. Ricq’s signature touch of calypso pairs beautifully with Holland’s soft strums of the ukulele lending a tropical feel to their sound. The two musicians met in 2011 and began playing music together. The pair’s first self-titled album, released in 2013 was an intimate window to what had become a romantic union, complete with the frustrations and complications of being two artists in a relationship. Their second and sadly final EP, appropriately named Farewell, stems from the breakdown of that union.  

Here is the teaser trailer for the upcoming EP, shot by Ricq on a trip to Japan back in May. The trailer is the second of two.  The first trailer, titled Adieu, features footage from Ricq’s solo visit to France. Ricq has previously spoken about how the pair had planned to travel to the two countries together; the two teasers it seems, pay homage to the couple’s unrealized romantic plans.

Farewell will be available July 10th as a free digital download through Ladyfrnd's band camp.