Spotlight | 15 FOR 15: Victoria Oddities 2015

British Columbia’s capital is different. Its people are different. Its vibe is different. Maybe it comes from living on an island. Self-reliance is a necessity – we have to make our own way, which we do quite happily.

In a word, we’re quirky. And that quirkiness is expressed in our music. To give you a taste of this musical expression Baffled Octopi Records has put together the second installment in its series of compilations celebrating the Victoria music scene. Enjoy fifteen tracks of the best from this year.

Featured artists:

Cathedral BloomDoomkingFox GloveFreak Heat WavesGirlfrendGrimwoodGrossbuster, Healing Waters, Jons, kkidss, Old GirlPainted Fruits, Psychosomatic ItchSister BlancheTango LimaThepurrverts

Again this year all of the proceeds go to Mustard Seed (Foodbank) in Victoria. So purchase a digital copy for only $3 (or, heck, a CD for a mere $5), knowing that you are helping out the needy as well as getting your hands on some great tunes.