Spotlight | Elan Noon - Have A Spirit Filled


By Elyse Mathes

This is a dream, is this music? This musician is somewhere else, not this planet. This sound moves above me like air and then the ether. This album sounds like a dream, but it’s sad like reality.

This musician, Elan Noon, makes good music. Lo-fi. Ambient. Like the beaches on this coast. I’ve heard his essence before in a few places around this town—drumming in Jons, School Girl and Loving. But this album, Have A Spirit Filled, this is more than Keenan Mittag-Degala’s essence; this is his complete genius.

Some of these songs take me to a different place. That’s what we ask for, right? These songs, Grim Reaper, Vexed, and Blue, sound like rain at night, then False Idols wakes me up and reminds me that “it’s a beautiful day in the palm of your hand.” There’s this girl on that track and she sounds like a thousand angels. They call her Suzie Raudaschl. We call her SUZ. She sounds nice. Her voice is so sweet when she tells me to check my phone, because that’s what I do when I wake up.

This album sounds sugar-coated, but it tells a lot of truths. This sound is where I want to take off to for Autumn, and that makes me get out of bed even though the sun sleeps in these days. Have A Spirit Filled is whole, from start to finish, like art is supposed to be. This album stirs me up, like the first time I heard Salad Days. Like HOMESHAKE. It’s gonna change things around here. This is a dream.