Spotlight | Germany Germany - Ghost [Video]


“You are all I find”— obsession is a clear theme on 'Ghost', the second single from Germany Germany's eleventh (11th!) album Juneau. The video follows bandleader Drew Harris as he materializes out of a hot-boxed car and wanders out in search of his band. Those of you familiar with Germany Germany will know that in itself is odd— Harris is Germany Germany by all accounts. As the Roland synths unfurl, he finds his ghost band at an ominously addressed apartment, and sidles up to the microphone mid-song. The band play catatonically, seemingly caught in a communal daydream. Director Derek Janzen captures something uncanny in their distant stares. And whatever it is, it fits seamlessly with the mood of the song and the searching tone of the lyrics, equal parts Kraftwerk and Lynchian. ‘Ghost’ also features a lovely, understated backing vocal by Jennie Sadler. At times minimalist, others expansive, Harris has a masterful ear for the building and breaking of momentum within the length of an electro-pop single. Spooky, yes, but catchy too.