Spotlight | Lovers Touch - This Is An Arrangement (VIDEO)

Lovers Touch // “This Is An Arrangement”

Contemporary pop disguised as music from the past.

Lover’s Touch have gifted us a new single to swoon over this Valentine’s Day. “This Is An Arrangement” is a tune of romantic treatise, intricately paced by the percussion of Andrew Taylor and carried by Shane Hooper’s amorous call. The video’s modern take on 60’s psychedelia looks something like My Music: Hullabaloo or Live on BBC from that era, but with a hip pastel colour palette and visual processing that lands it somewhere between analog TV and time-warped VHS. It’s a mixture of humour and a nod to their inspirations: the broom sweeps like Neil Young’s does on MTV Unplugged. Berlin’s Beat Club also comes to mind, a show that drew on American and English TV culture for inspiration, becoming even more surreal, fixated on its own artifice.

The track escapes the gravity of influence through its arrangement. Backing vocalists Madeline and Eva Link (Triples) do double-duty, coming in on violin as the bridge commences. Dexter Nash’s sparse guitar dances with Sam Lewis’ keys and trumpet. Noah O’Neil’s bass playing delivers as much melody as it does groove, and if you think the initial key change in bridge the takes this song into crooner territory, just wait.

“This Is An Arrangement” is a measured blend of nostalgic and modern pop from a band with the same retro-contemporary vision as Alabama Shakes and Lemon Twigs.

Watch the video here courtesy of our friends at Jamroom Records.

-Joseph Leroux