Spotlight | Melrose - Self-Titled


Samuel Wells, known for being the frontman of Victoria emo-outfit Wept and other, multiple side projects, has just released a debut album under the moniker Melrose. Recorded on a hand-held tape recorder, this seven track album consists of lo-fi, dark-yet-catchy gems, reminiscent to 90’s slow-core/ambient groups such as Codeine and Slowdive. Slower, droned-out tracks like outcomes feature Wells soaring, sorrowful vocals over low-tuned, plucked guitars. dumb sleep’s stark snare and shimmering guitar complement Well’s cool, harrowing lyrics; “When I wanna go, I’ll come to you - When I go outside, my hands turn blue”. Chilling instrumental interludes (1) and (2) break up the album, adding darker textures. The melancholic chord progressions throughout this album set the tone throughout; Wells creates an atmosphere that is undeniably mellow, yet welcoming.

The combination of analog recording technique and chill musical style make for a cozy, numbing listen for a winters day. Melrose’s self-titled album is the perfect addition to your bleak, cold existence.

- Curtis Lockhart