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Two months ago I received a phone call from a man representing an organization by the name of BRICS Canada.  BRICS Canada wants the Canadian government to join the economies of the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and form a new world bank that supports global development and challenges the ever increasing grip of Wall Street, the IMF and the billionaire class - or at least those were the intentions I sussed out of our conversation.  As a lazy, ignorant millennial the idea appealed to me greatly and we ended up chatting for nearly forty minutes.  We talked about many important, global, life changing situations that are occurring all around us, all the time, that could be affected by each and every one of us if only we realized that we as individuals were capable of doing great and impactful things.  Together, of course, and even alone, we have the power to change everything. Instead, we continue to subjugate ourselves to our own humble little prison of “freedom”.  Blissfully ignorant, not realizing the ground we stand on, the air we breathe is subject to change.

This is when the man told me something new, something that I’ve never heard anyone say before. He told me this: 

“People don’t believe that there are people evil enough to bring on the end of the world…maybe we’re all hamsters on a wheel, but the kids who own the cage can’t be crazy.  They don’t want to destroy everything they’ve worked for. Who could be satisfied in conquering a planet if all that is left to rule over is rubble and death, or nothing at all?  Yet, for thousands of years the belief that the world must end has been a fundamental part of the philosophy of many ancient, powerful, and mystical sects.” 

What is the rapture anyway? What is Armageddon?  Are there not people in your own back yard that believe the end times are coming?  How does that make them feel?  How does that make you feel?  How does that impact the way we all live our daily lives?  What’s the point of going to work if the world is going to end?  What’s the point of going to work if your neighbour isn’t going to go to work because he thinks the world is going to end?  Who is going to be pointing the finger and saying I told you so once all is said and done?  Will we even have fingers to point with by then? 

As I hung up the phone I was left with a thousand questions, and all those questions lead to more questions, but I didn’t let it scare me. I let it enlighten me -and then scare me.  We all want the world to be a better place, be that through the rapture or recycling. 

Ancient mystics live all around us... but do they live above us?  We all seem to accept that there are people up top calling the shots, but are the people in the driver’s seat slowly inching us over the double yellow line?  And if so, is there going to be anything worth seeing over there?

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