Spotlight | OKPK - Pleasure Seekers


By Joseph Leroux


Pleasure Seekers is Victoria-based producer Dan Godlovich aka OKPK’s most cohesive effort to date. The release comes to us via r/n collective, and is informed by the artist’s IDM roots as well as their crush on modern R&B. According to the producer, it’s also the soundtrack to an imaginary film about love in crisis, set in a disintegrating virtual paradise, where the frayed emotional elements of the romance and the collapsing realm are one and the same. Production choices on the album are true to the imagining of this fantastic world; Godlovich: “I wanted to go super lush and layered on the record. I wanted to mix up analogue modular synth with hardcore digital processing and acoustic instruments so that it was hard to tell which was which.”

The equally lush pixel-sorted visuals which accompany the release of Pleasure Seekers are composed by multimedia artist Arya. Each sonic element on Pleasure Seekers interacts with a different selection of the image, generating a unique visual composition for each song.

Check the video for Honey below.