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 📷 Tegan B

📷 Tegan B

By Zacc Lavigne

Imagine you’re in a garage on a beach, two punks are inhaling pizza and marijuana, playing a haunting organ and wailing on guitar. Things are strange. One of these men, organ twinkler and vocalist Hank Sebzda, tells you his dying wish: to hear Nardwuar say “doot doodle loot doot” at one of his gigs.

Who are these guys and where did they come from? They convince you to put on a tinfoil hat and listen to some fuzzy garage-reverberated beach psych with a touch of angst. Their debut single In My Mind from their self-titled EP envelops you. Things are still strange, strangely satisfying.

Riding the waves of their Edmonton-based punk band The Party Martyrs, Power Buddies started out as two dudes with an organ, a guitar and foot-drums. The duo have since cultivated a post-grunge sound that is raw and refreshingly unique, or what they call “car-hole rock.”

As regular acts at Victoria’s beloved SHAKE! FEST (formerly Shake/arama; RIP), the Power Buddies know Victoria and know it well. They speak about the affinities between Edmonton and Victoria’s bustling music scenes. “Both foster community, inclusiveness, a focus on local artists and equal representation within the music scene,” says guitarist and vocalist Nolan Bossert.   

Drawing inspiration from Shake! Records, host of their 2014 Banana Split 7-inch with Calgary band Racket, Power Buddies started up their own label in 2015, Sweety Pie Records, to showcase local music and provide a platform for artists to release tunes without confinement. Sweety Pie has featured artists such as The Archaics, Marlaena Moore and Physical Copies, to name a few.

The group’s vision for Sweety Pie Records embodies a mentality of inclusiveness and community, without limiting artists to a label. “Sweety Pie releases singles as they come. Artists are free to release music with whoever they want and we provide a platform for them to do so,” says Sebzda.  

In the absence of their newest member Cassia Hardy, Power Buddies have recruited Edmonton “luv rock” band The Archaics as a backline that’s sure to please. Fresh off the release of the Buddies’ new single Lonely Ghoul, recorded by Brazilian Money’s Garrett Johnson, they’re touring Western Canada, releasing their Lonely Ghoul EP track-by-track.

The Spilt Milk Tour passes through Victoria this Friday, June 16, at Upstairs with Victoria locals No Goods opening the evening at 7p.m. Holy Smokes has the pleasure of premiering the song Basement from their Lonely Ghoul EP, so stay tuned!

Upcoming shows:

June 16//Victoria// Upstairs Cabaret
June 17//Vancouver//The Cobalt*
June 18//Whislter//Garfinkel's Whistler
June 20//Vancouver//333^
June 21//Kelowna//Habitat
June 22//Edmonton//The Buckingham^
June 24//Calgary//Sled Island at Ship & Anchor Pub
June 28//Edmonton//The Sewing Machine Factory
June 29//Saskatoon//Vangelis Tavern
June 30//Regina//O'Hanlon's Irish Pub*
July 1//Winnipeg//SECRET SHOW(DM for details)

*w/o Power Buddies
^ w/o Archaics