Spotlight | Sixteen for Sixteen - Victoria: Celebrating The Strange 2016

It's that time of year again! Baffled Octopi Records presents this year's version of the best of Victoria's independent (and strange) music scene. Download for free, CD $5. Again all proceeds go to Mustard Seed Foodbank.

This year's line-up

Crashing Into Things - I Saw It Coming

Death Kart - Love Like Lobotomy

Kye Plant - The Gender Binary is a Jail Cell

Elder Sister Plum - Lost Souls

Timing X - Getting the Machine

Song from the Black Lodge - Animals Grow Horns

lo::sun - New Up Thing (merry go round)

High Arctic - Life is a Pretty Suite Fruit

Durban Poison - Trauma

LOVING - Bowlly goes dancing drunk into the future

The Hex - Daydream Deceiver

Psychic Pollution - Contemplation Sequence Number 228

Amy Casper - Barbed Wire

Naked Chillen - One More

ZIK - Brand Loyalty Forever

Elura - Outside the Wind is Blowing

Bonus Track:

Whence Came Pestilence - SOS stands for Save Our Souls

Mastered by Eric Hogg