Spotlight | U.S. GIRLS - Half Free

Review by: sants

Toronto-based Meghan Remy is the singer-songwriter behind the lyrics that embody the array of despondent female narratives on U.S. Girls’ latest album Half Free. Within the avant-garde art-pop songs that make up Half Free, Remy paints portraits of grieving widows, abandoned marriages, and other ubiquitous female tribulations and experiences seldom explored in contemporary music.

The band’s sound on Half Free has a nostalgic dreaminess to it, coupled with a subtle yet unmistakably macabre ambience. It’s as if in some slightly nightmarish dream, visions of a girl group from the 60’s began experimenting with elements of electro-pop and psych-rock during Twin Peaks night at the local drive-in theatre.

You can catch U.S. girls over the long weekend at Lucky Bar in Victoria on Sunday May 23rd.