Spotlight | Wept - Dress Me Like I'm Yours


By Curtis Lockhart

Emo is hard to come by in Victoria, so when Wept (formerly Acab Rocky) released their full length album Dress Me Like I’m Yours, it stood out from many recent post-punk/pop acts that have saturated the island scene.

Dress Me Like I’m Yours combines emo with twinkle pop capabilities. Lead guitarist Colt Hoey provides sparkling, complex guitar riffs over Samuel Wells’ signature sorrowful, soaring vocals. This can especially be heard on the energetic track Brushwork; the line “glasses falling off — paint drips on my shoes — realize I’m talentless”, shows Wells self-deprecating work, brilliantly executing a combination of twinkle and emo.

There’s a diversity in dynamic throughout the album. The fifth track Amy features gentle, beautiful classical guitar, with Hoey playing trumpet. My Own Decisions plays out like a pop-punk track, with drummer Oliver Hollingshead and Angus Watt pushing intensely powerful rhythms. The title track, Dress Me Like I’m Yours, has an awe-invoking ambience to it that leaves you wanting more.

This album is a stunning masterpiece from front to back, and as far as Victoria emo goes, these guys set the bar. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for Wept.