Spotlight | Winona Forever - this is fine.

Review  Curtis Lockhart

Vancouver’s Winona Forever released their first album this September. this is fine is much more than fine; poppy hooks with tight, intricate rhythmic hits make this a fun listen. Chorus, over driven guitars steer much of this album, with upbeat and energetic tracks such as hedges, #1 summer hit to grind to and roscoe. It’s lyrically catchy as well. Lines like “Remember all the times I ran my fingers through your hair/Every morning I wake up, I’m dreaming you’ll be there” (from roscoe) easily get stuck in the listener's head.

Winona Forever provide rhythms that really grab your attention throughout the album. They are complex, but dance-able. Chilled out songs like smoothie are especially entertaining, playing around with different rhythmic hits, pushed by bass and drums with an overlay of dreamy guitars and vocals.

this is fine is a blast to listen to. If you need a pick-me-up during the gloomy fall season, this album is a must.