SPOTLIGHT | Torrefy - The Infinity Complex "Kickstarter"

The Victoria-based metal band Torrefy has been getting a lot of attention ever since representing the small island city in the BC Wacken Metal Battle finals last year. They’ve exploded into the eyes of western Canada’s metal scene with gigs alongside some of the biggest names in modern thrash, such as Havok, Skeletonwitch and Warbringer. They intend to keep the ball rolling with the announcement of their sophomore album, The Infinity Complex, which is scheduled for release in the first half of 2016. While the album is still being recorded at the time of writing this article, I’ve been fortunate enough to experience a private performance in which the band played through the album in order, in its entirety. “Planck Epoch”, an eerie instrumental, starts things off and establishes the science fiction vibe that stays present throughout through this concept album. Vocalist and lyricist John Ferguson explains, “[The album’s story] spits in the face of a concept so arrogant as human significance in an expanding and dying universe. No matter how far we advance both in technology and space we will always be a microscopic happenstance in a fractal multiverse.” Following “Planck Epoch” comes the birth of a universe. “The Singularity”, a classic Torrefy thrash groove that carries on the alien sci-fi vibes, and “Hypochongea” both showcase the diversity of Torrefy’s particular brand of thrash. The first big surprise comes in the track “Blinding the Beholder” when the band drops the thrash routine and jumps straight into black metal midway through the song. When I say that they jump into black metal, I don’t mean blackened thrash, or some other mixture of black metal and something else, I’m talking about their incorporation of true black metal segments into the song– think Immortal or Mayhem. The album goes back to the thrash for the next few tracks with “Thrashist Dictator” being the only “thrash” based pun on the album (a sign of the band maturing?). “Killed To Death” has a couple surprises in it as well. I’m told that there will be a special guest vocalist from another prominent Victoria-based band who will be singing a verse in the final version. “Infinity Complex”, the song that the album is named after, is the last purely thrash song on the album. It is also the shredliest song on the album, and possibly in Torrefy’s entire repertoire. While all the instruments are playing extremely complex parts, at times it feels as if lead guitarist Adam Henry is just ripping solos throughout the entire (rather lengthy) song, and the result is amazing. “Celestial Warfare” is an epic thrash track that brings back the black metal portions at the peaks of the song’s intensity. The song builds and builds, and by the end of the song, you know that something big is coming. “Trial By Stone” is a huge way to finish off the album, and is my favorite track. The song is half Torrefy thrash, and half melancholy black metal, and sounds like the soundtrack to the death of the current universe, which fits exactly into the story that the band is trying to tell. Overall, The Infinity Complex is a drastic progression from the first album, but in a very good way. Torrefy seem to be carving out their own unique sound, and it will be interesting to follow these guys and see what the third album will be like, and whether or not they can top this masterpiece.

- Casey L. 


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