Interview | Black Wizard




For those that don't know, Black Wizard is...

A bunch of young boys from New Westminster, British Columbia, trying to make a heavy metal record.

How did tonight’s show feel?

It was cool. Usually Victoria is pretty packed for us so it was a bit of a weird show, not as many people as we're used to, but it’s a new venue. It’s a really cool place but people don’t really know about it yet. It was still a really great show. Felt really good. Sounded good. Loved it.

Sick, so loved it. Cool.  You mentioned your gear…this is your first show back using your home gear in some time?

Yeah it’s a really great feeling, we’ve been touring for the last 2, 3 months using other people’s gear so this was the first show in months and it feels like home going back to our own stuff. Feels really good.

Fuckin' sweet.  So you recently signed to Listenable Records? 

Yep, basically all that means is a lot less work for us.  We just make records, give them to the label and they put them out all over the fucking planet.  They have 57 distribution outlets, and the album will go out to every country in the world the day it's released. It’s pretty exciting.

That’s beautiful. So what’s changed for the band in terms of procedures since signing? You guys doing anything different?

Not yet. It’s a pretty fresh thing. We’re gonna keep doing what we do and stick to the DIY aesthetic that we’ve always done. But yeah, we’re gonna make the records and they've hooked us up with booking agents all over the world so now we tell people where we wanna go, when we wanna go and we just tour.

Awesome. So attitude-wise nothing is different.  You guys are still very much DIY.

Nothing is different no. We’re gonna do the same thing we’ve always done we just have a little help now.

Sounds wicked. So what's next for the band in terms of touring? Playing any festivals? 

Right now our new booking agency in Berlin is helping us get on Road Burn, Desert Fest in in Tillburg, in Berlin. So yeah, we’re gonna do the big festivals in Europe in the Spring and after that just tour for three months of next year.

Didn't you just get back from playing in Europe?

Yep and we’re goin' back there really soon for big festivals, then we’re gonna do the States, Canada and then back to Europe again. 

This upcoming album will be your third full length album, have you picked out a name?

New waste. It’s kind of a play on words cuz we grew up in a town called New West, it’s a bit of a dump but it’s our home.

Cool. New Waste. Shout out to the home town. Personal favourite track off the album? 

The best song on the new record is called The Priest. It’s basically an homage to Judas Priest but it doesn’t have anything to do with the band other than the title. The song is about a corrupt priest. It’s some of the best guitar solo work we’ve ever done and some of the coolest riffs we’ve ever written.

Who’s the brains in the band? Who handles the business stuff? Is it shared? Who’s the party?

We all party pretty hard but we’re also good at keeping our shit together when we need to. Since the beginning it’s always been Adam and I. We’ve always written together. I’ve handled all the business stuff. He writes all the lyrics. We just work together and it’s been a really good combo.

What's your favourite crazy show or experience as a band? Anything stand out?

The coolest show we ever played was when we opened for Sleep last year at The Commodore in Vancouver and it was just unreal. It sold out, like 3,000 people showed up for it and they’re one of our favourite bands and they were super nice and super stoked on our set, it was really fuckin' cool.

Who would you love to tour with? Any bands you wanna take around? Any big bands you'd wanna open for? 

Oooh that’s a tough one. We’ve been broin' down with the guys from Saviours a lot so hopefully we get to tour with them soon. They’re a great band that we love a lot. Judas Priest in the future baby.

Judas Priest! You can play Priest at Priest!


And finally let's talk about the band name. This is my own personal question, I gotta know, does your name pertain at all to Final Fantasy?


No? So no reference to the Black Wizard in Final Fantasy?

No. Our name’s a joke.

A joke? Ok, so what’s with the name?

We didn’t have a band name for our first show so we just kind of picked Black Wizard because it’s a stereotypical bullshit stoner rock name. We went with it and as we played more and more it stuck and so even though we hated it we kept it.  We never liked it but now it’s not a matter of what the name is, it’s just kind of what we call what we do.


Black Wizard's latest album "New Waste" is out worldwide on Listenable Records January 2016!

- Daniel Laughy