Bodies is a 4 piece indie rock ensemble from Victoria BC. Their "bedroom-rock" style is composed of all you'd expect from a traditional indie band, but distinguishes itself through angular guitars that cascade over a driving rhythm section. Bodies takes the technicality of math pop and drives it head-on into the simple cruising sounds of surf rock, leaving you with a sound that is both complex and easy to listen to.


Introduce yourselves.

Jake -  I am Jacob Bentley, I play bass and the skin flute.

Tyler - I play Guitar and sing, half the time. There is also Paul (Shenton) he sings and plays guitar as well as my little brother Cal (Paterson) on drums. 

So how did BODIES come together?

Tyler - Basically Jake, my brother and I have been playing for years, We were a three piece punk band back in high school. When we decided we wanted to do more indie rock stuff we looked at getting another guitar player, Paul. We played as Hello, September for a year or two then went to record a single with Digory Smallz in Vancouver who produced Oh No! Yoko's first album (PAU PAU). When we wanted to go back to Vancouver and record we thought it would be the best time to change our name. 

Define "Bedroom Rock".

Tyler - Personally, it's just kind of how we record all our shit, in my bedroom. Just trying to get the best sound out of my bedroom and I guess it also rock. 

Where does the edginess stem from lyrically on your two most recent recordings?

Tyler - For most of these songs, the lyrics have been written for a while now, and its mostly inspired from a break up I had last summer. That's kinda where the edginess comes off, with the songs that we've released in most of them it's kinda me in a pissy mood not thinking of the lighter side of that relationship. 

What about plans for the Summer? Can people expect more from you guys?

Tyler -  We are trying to finish up an EP soon, as well as some bigger shows. In August we are doing a little mini house party tour with 222, a couple shows on the island, then maybe the mainland.

Where is the Victoria music scene in your eyes?

Jake - I don't see Victoria as a huge music scene, personally. 

Tyler - I found out that it is quite exclusive, certain scenes will play certain venues all the time. There's a niche for every genre in Victoria, lots going on in the metal scene and lo-fi. 

Would you be open to breaking into some of those niches?

Tyler - Of course. 

Jake - I remember when we were Hello September it felt like we were playing same shows to the same kids every time. That's where we kinda lose our novelty, it's the most crucial thing to be playing to new ears. 

Favourite John Denver song?

Jake - Country Road, grandpa use to play it for me.

Tyler - Rocky Mountain High because it reminds me of Pterodactyl porn.