Fauna Shade


We chatted with lead singer Scotty Smith of psychedelic rock three-piece Fauna Shade, about embracing typos, first show failures and Enya. 

Who is Fauna Shade?
Fauna Shade is an Everett Washington group, except for Richie,  he's from Lake Stevens, but Derek and I are Everett boys. We met through the growing music scene here and started rehearsing and fine tuning these songs I'd written. Those songs are now our debut record called Baton Rouge.

Let’s talk about the name, Fauna Shade.
Fauna… there are certain words that catch my ear as well as my eye. I heard it in my senior year of high school in Washington state history with Mr. Ayers.  I knew I wanted to use that word then. Two years later when a new band came about, it found its companion shade. Only we started as The Fauna Shades but due to a typo on our first show poster, shades turned singular. I was upset, but the bass player at the time, Ryile, thought it worked better singularly. I came to his way of thinking and am quite grateful.

Tell us about your first live show together.
This band’s first live show was that of the typo'd poster. It was here in Everett at a place known as The C.U.T., a DIY space. The owners were real nice; however, the thing I remember most from the show was that people said afterward that they couldn't hear my vocals... like at all. There were probably 20 friends at most making up the crowd so it really didn't matter, but I felt like an idiot... still do.

What do you take inspiration from outside of music?
My inspiration on the deep side is brought about by the frustrations of being a human. I don't completely understand myself as a person. I want love but won't give into it, therefore music is my mistress. On the shallow side of things I just like pretty sounds with pretty sounding words and melodies that give off a feeling. It's the balance between the deep and shallow that keeps me sane.

What is your current favourite:
i. Song lyric?
Lake by Roger miller: "if I were a bird, I'd be that one"
ii. Pump up jam?
Jay Reatard - My Shadow
iii. Secret guilty pleasure song?
I feel slightly guilty for liking Drake's Hold On, We're Going Home, but people can fuck off.
iv. Album on repeat?
It’s always Congratulations by MGMT
v. Favourite Cascadian band, past or present?
Nirvana. Nothing has changed my life more than that band.

So, Enya?
Yes Enya. For those of you reading, I did a cover of Enya’s Only Time that you can find on SoundCloud. Not until people started asking about it did I realize it was strange to cover it.  Enya created a sound and it’s a sound I highly respect.

It’s Friday night in Everett and all the cool cats are…
...sleeping in my garage

And finally, finish this sentence. Music is my…
"...beach house, music is my hometown
Music is my king size bed, musics where I meet my friends
Music is my hot hot bath, music is my hot hot sex
Music is my back rub, my music is where I'd like you to touch"

 Fauna Shade’s debut album Baton Rouge came out in May 2015. Listen to Marzipan the first single off the album below.  You can catch Fauna Shade this side of the border at Rock of the Woods Music Festival in the Cowichan Valley, July 23-26.