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We caught up with Brooklyn-based trio B Boys, Andrew Kerr, Brendon Avalos and Britton Walker, before their performance at Vancouver’s Fortune Sound Club. The band toured through the states with Merchandise, gracing Canada with their presence for one night and one night only. Wondering what B Boys could possibly stand for? Read on. Don’t forget to check out the band’s first film photo shoot.

Where have you guys arrived from and where are you heading next?

Britton: Seattle! We love Seattle. Portland is next.

Your Instagram showed you guys listening to something fun on your way into Vancouver, can you elaborate?

Brendan: Eazy EQ, we found her CD in a backpack gifted from Merchandise. She shouts out her Instagram so we followed her and shared it up. What’s her one song called again?

Britton: Fuck More.

Brendan: Yeah, Fuck More. Tacoma, Washington’s finest. Check her out.

Second question we’re all dying to know the answer to — Brooklyn Boys?

Brendan: Nope. Boujee Boys for this tour.

So you guys switch up the B depending on the mood? Or tour?

Yeah, B is for whatever, it defines itself. Someone called us Boujee Boys on this tour and we stuck with that. We’re going to the Whole Foods fruits and yoghurt bar tomorrow, so take that as you will.

On to the music —we noticed Discipline shifts to a more upbeat sound than your 2016 album (No Worry No Mind), what changed for you guys?

Andrew: We recorded in a studio for longer. We had a different person mixing and engineering Discipline, so that will change a lot of the sound. We recorded on tape, but as far as creative input, our record label had very little to say about it. It was pretty much the same process except a little more thought out because we knew we were making an LP. For the first album we recorded songs in a free, non-linear form because we didn’t have anything promised from a label. With Discipline, we had three days in the studio so we had more time to plan and sequence.

And be disciplined. And keep things short.

Britton: It’s a little on the short side. I think we just write shorter songs because we have ADHD. And enjoy brevity. So yeah.

Brendan: Same with the EP — short and sweet. Our sets are really short too.

Britton: Seven minute sets.

Your first album has two variations of the track Psycho and your latest album has a song titled Psycho as well. Any recurring themes here?

Brendan: There’s three of us. Kidding — the first one was because my old roommate had dreamt that we played Psycho slower, so we brought his dream to life and played it slower for him and ended up putting it on the record. And then did it again for the new record.

Britton: And will probably do it again. And again.

Brendan: A recurring character. Everyone feels crazy at times, so the songs about feeling a little wacky.

What are you guys most excited to play tonight?

Brendan (laughing): Flatlands. I’m putting Britton under the bus. We’ve never played it on tour and we just practiced it for the first time tonight, so we’ll see how it goes. It’s up to Britton. I’m the most excited because we haven’t played it yet.

Andrew: If it fits in the seven minute set.

Do you feel like your sets have been influenced differently while touring with Merchandise as opposed to your last tour with Parquet Courts?

Brendan: Britton and I know Parquet Courts from Denton.

Britton: Yeah, one of them was my roommate.

Brendan: And then Merchandise played at my house when I lived in Denton and Andrew’s known those guys for a long time, we all have the same booking agent — what’s up Timmy Heffner ( And so yeah, it’s just fun and comfortable. We’ve all been playing music forever. The difference is Pat (bassist from Merchandise) is taller .

Pat (in the back): That’s totally fine.

What’s the most interesting thing that’s happened on this tour?

Brendan: When we stopped in Uranus to see the world’s largest belt buckle. In Uranus, Missouri, which is actually not a town, but a roadside attraction.

Andrew: It’s just a roadside attraction they call Uranus Missouri and then they have a fudge factory, so you can get fudge in Uranus. When we got there this lady was like, “you guys gotta stick around for 1 p.m. They’re revealing the world’s largest belt buckle!” And the mayor of Uranus came out and said, “over there in Poughkeepsie, they have the biggest chair in the world, so we thought we should show them up with the biggest somethin’.”

Brendan: We went to Bruce Lee’s grave today. It was nice. We left a B Boys pin for him; a little homage.

Thanks for the glimpse inside the boujee tour. When you guys are ready for your super kale coconut vegan non-GMO post-show smoothie, Whole Foods is on Davie street.

Photos & Interview by Elyse Mathes