A little while back, we had the chance to catch up with local lo-fi virtuosos: Patrick, David, Logan, and Keenan of JONS. We discussed the creative process behind their captivating brand of dreamy psych-slacker rock and what's on the horizon for these local Victoria musicians. 

Who is 'JONS'?

Patrick - Vocals&Guitar // David - Guitar // Logan - Bass // Keenan - Drums 

How did you begin making music together?

Logan - Patrick, David, and I all went to the University of Victoria and were the first ones to meet. We all jammed for a bit together as well as making music on our own. I worked for College Pro Painters for a summer and that's when I met Keenan. At the end of the summer I contacted Keenan to jam and that's basically how it happened. 

What's the story behind the band name?

Dave - We wrote a bunch of names down and we just liked how it looked.

Logan - We were also rushed for our first show, we had a show booked but no name.

With regards to your most recent tape, what was the recording process like?

Dave - Patrick and I both have Tascam 488 tape deck that we recorded on.

Patrick - For a lot of the songs Dave would record the instrumental tracks, and I would make up the vocals. It worked well but now we are getting together and writing.

How was performing at Sled Island Music Festival? What were some highlights? Did you make any new friends?

Keenan - Juan Wauters.

Dave - Yea we saw him twice. He's such a heartfelt and genuine guy, very entertaining. 

Logan - We played at this Hot Dog restaurant that doubled as an arcade.

Keenan - We met a lot of great bands from all across Canada. Also swam in Elbow River. 

Patrick - We made friends with this one band WHIMM from Toronto. We made loose plans to meet and possibly tour.

Care to share your views on the Victoria music scene? 

Dave - It was very inviting right away. When we started there were tons of people that we recognized from going to shows. They were very friendly and helped us get shows right away. 

Patrick - It's incredibly supportive in Victoria, it's incredible. 

How long have you been making music in Victoria?

Patrick - Not too long. Logan, Dave and I have been here for about five years but we only really started going to shows once we were making music. It's all still kind of new to us, we still feel like the new guys. 

What can we expect from JONS next?

Dave - I bought a new tape machine, it's a reel to reel. We've started making new music, hopefully we'll have some stuff done by September... that may be ambitious.

Any bands in the Victoria area that you are excited about?

Keenan - Definitely wanna support Painted Fruits.

Dave - Painted Fruits are making some sweet music, also Fountain.

Patrick - Fountain has really supported us, it's been great.