Painted Fruits


An afternoon with ‘Painted Fruits’

Down by the water, on a sunny afternoon, at a spot reserved for pre-show beverages, we sat down with local act 'Painted Fruits’ to discuss the band’s past, topics of gender and their new album.

So how did you guys all meet?

Evan - We’re from Vernon BC. I met Noah and Bennett and we had a garage band called The Dirty Blossoms. Then Jon moved away. Eventually we all moved here in October and started this band.

You guys mention that you wrote different pieces when you were apart, how did that work?

Evan -  You’re talking about the first mix tape? The first tape wasn't this actual band. I was in audio school and I recorded some of my songs. Noah recorded some of his and John had an unused track from his solo album and we just threw it all together and made a little EP because we wanted to get music out.

How did you guys get on Yipi Kai Yay Records?

Jon - They found ‘The Dirty Blossoms’ on the internet.

Evan - Yea, we told them we had some shit recorded and we asked them if they could put it out and they did. The tapes are made really well in California.

And Shake! records?

Jon - We met Madi from Shake at Shake/Arama last year.

Evan - We told her we had music and sent her a demo. She saw us live and wanted to do a tape.

Did you write Fruit Salad when you were all together in Vic?

Evan - Half of it was written last year between me and Noah, and John had some songs. We wrote some more together before reworking them.

You guys said you were living under your landlord’s place at the time?

Jon - Yea they lived in the basement suite.

Did you just royally piss them off the entire time?

Jon - Yea pretty much.  (Laughs)

So it was a pretty tense experience?

Evan - Yeah it was cold.

Jon - We recorded everything in my bedroom basically, through October, November and December, just chain smoking with my window open. We had everything done before Christmas but then decided to redo a few of the songs.

Do you guys all contribute to the writing process?

Jon - Yea everyone pitches in lyrically, but it's mostly Noah and I. Lately there’s been a really big push for Evan and I's guitar parts to come together in really weird ways.

From the viewpoint of someone not from Victoria, how do you view its current music scene compared to other cities in Canada?

Jon - Its funny how everywhere is a little bit different.

Evan - Victoria is a little sleepy, but we are trying to pick it up. Like everywhere, there is a lot of ego.

So gender is a recurring theme in your music. You dress in drag on stage. How did that all come about?

Jon - I don't know how that came about.

Evan - Bowie!

Jon - Yea it kind of just happened organically as far as the stage performance goes. It was kind of just a "let's get lipstick for tonight's show" kind of thing.

Evan – It’s kind of an androgynous thing too. We are trying to break the barrier between masculinity and femininity in music because it’s art and we don't really care. We like to freak people out. We will look different every time you see us.

Jon - A lot of people try to look as hip and cool as possible when they perform and this is kind of "anti" that idea.

Evan - The song Gender is about a girl who wants to be a boy. The lyrics are pretty surrealistic and unclear. The video obviously portrays that. Our friend from Vernon, who is in the film industry in Vancouver, decided to come over and shoot it for free and we shot it all in one night. We were going to do two videos but the shots only worked out for one.

Is Victoria home base for a while?

Jon - At least for the next year. We will be around for a bit, for sure.

You guys are about to go on tour. Do you have any spots you are super amped to play?

Evan – Vancouver.

Jon – Yea, the Tail End show is going to be sweet. We are excited to play everywhere though.

If you were to pitch a Painted Fruits show to someone who has never seen you before in three words what would you say?

Both – Fruity. Gothic. High energy.  

Interviewed by Colbin and Jordan.

About the album:

Fruit Salad is the first music we recorded as a collaborative effort with all four members. We wrote a lot of parts individually when we were all living apart. When we moved in together (in Victoria) we pieced the best parts together. Unfortunately after we moved into our new house, our 70-year-old Pilipino landlords moved in directly below us so we recorded all the songs in Jon’s bedroom or our living room when they left the house. Evan (other guitar player) mixed and mastered all the songs. We really had no outside influence in the creative process or any preconceived direction with how we wanted it to sound. As a result, the songs came about organically and contain a lot of our personal eccentricities. It is essentially a pop album but it has elements that would satisfy almost anyone’s musical taste. The songs are a mix of personal observations and some fictional narratives that contain our opinions on social situations and relationships. The lyrics discuss a broad range of topics from gender crisis to marriage to religion. It’s a mixture of fiction and reality but they are often intertwined to the point where you can’t tell the difference. One thing we want to emphasize is we don’t want to be categorized or compared to other music – We just want people to take it for what it is. We try to make honest music that comes from life experiences or our imagination and hopefully people can relate to it.



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Tour dates:

June 5th - Victoria - Copper Owl *Tape Release Show* w/ Uptights, Summer Babe & Ü
June 6th - Nanaimo - Crace Mountain w/ Uptights, Summer Babe, Mr Clean, Sure & Ü
June 20th - Victoria - Copper Owl w/ Girlfriend & Dead Malls
June 21st - Golden - Rockwater Hotel
June 22nd - Calgary - House Show w/ Racket & Guantanamo Baywatch
June 23nd - Edmonton - Cha Island w/ Addison Hiller
June 26th - Edmonton - Bohemian w/ Introverts, Jon and Rose & The Trees
June 29th - Vernon - Vertigo Gallery w/ Friends
June 30th - Kelowna - Fernando’s w/ Lab Coast
July 1st - Nanaimo - Crace Mountain (Shake!arama II)
July 2nd - Victoria  - Centennial Square (Shake!arama II)
July 4th - Vancouver - Wise Hall (Shake!arama II)
July 5th - Victoria - Copper Owl (Goat Festival)
July 23rd - Victoria - Copper Owl w/ Milk, Soft Serve & Smoke Eaters