Making Music ? 

Artist submission guidelines - What to include:

  •  A link to the artists work ( ie. Soundcloud, Bandcamp)
  •  A brief description about the project
  •  Photos (band, artist, live, album art) 

Heard something you like? Want to write about it?

Current Tracks guidelines:

  • Provide a written blurb about the song you've chosen, this isn't an English essay, but it needs to be grammatically sound 
  • The length of the piece can be anywhere from a single sentence to a short paragraph
  • A link to Soundcloud is preferred, YouTube or Bandcamp is also chill
  • If the artist is contemporary, give details of any upcoming releases
  • If they're touring nearby, provide info on the upcoming shows in the local area (ie. Victoria, Vancouver) 

Talk to any cool bands? 

Interview guidelines:

  • All interviews must have a short intro paragraph describing the artist/s and the atmosphere the interview was conducted in where applicable
  • Questions should be written to deliver an engaging dialogue and in-depth responses from the band/artist
  • All interviews should be transcribed and posted no later than two weeks after the interview has taken place
  • Think outside the proverbial box

Please email all submissions to