Visual Feature | Freq Fest 2017 Recap & Gallery


Freq Fest 2017 provided a stimulating weekend of underground dance music, hosting an array of West Coast artists alongside legends such as New York's DJ Spun. Chinatown Events expanded upon the ethos of their weekly Frequency Saturdays at the Copper Owl, with a stacked lineup of artists under the wide umbrella of house music. This small-scale urban festival kept Victoria's most dedicated dancers bouncing all weekend long.

A strength of Freq Fest's programming is the way in which it enriches the dance music diets of the public. One can only imagine more than a few Friday night Lucky Bar regulars were pleasantly surprised to catch the outfitted magic of Righteous Rainbows of Togetherness or the sultry sounds of LA’s Sonns. We also saw more than a few citizens walking down Douglas running errands on Saturday afternoon stumble upon the Paul’s Motor Inn parking lot transformed into an outdoor venue for the day, bass reverberating for blocks in each direction.

The climax of the weekend was definitely the sold out Saturday night at the Owl. Starting things off was the seemingly tireless Regularfantasy, masterfully spinning a unique collection of high energy pop and disco. Bobby Draino and Max Ulis followed this with short sets of their own, and a longer back to back set with Regularfantasy also jumping in and out. These three Vancouverites infected the Copper Owl with their energy, setting the crowd up for an unforgettable DJ Spun set. Unapologetically uptempo and possibly one of the loudest shows ever at the Copper Owl, it was clear that this artist's reputation both as a genre influencer and legendary party DJ were no fabrication. After Saturday's 12-hour marathon day, the intimate Freq Fest crowd wandered over to Splashes on Sunday afternoon for some tropical drinks and lounging by the pool, a perfect way to unwind to low-key house vibes after a fantastic weekend. This festival was a rare treat for Victoria, so keep an eye on Chinatown events for more great underground dance music. Relive the weekend by checking out our gallery below! Cheers. 

Freq Fest 2017 is a production of Chinatown Events with the support of Fol Epi, Campari Canada, The fifty fifty art collective, Do250, Paul's Motor Inn / RestaurantGarden City Electronic Music Society, Deepend Promotion, Real Eyes Talent,  Epik Sound, House Music Victoria. Thanks for having us and thanks for looking!