We Went to a Show | Anciients - Bushwhacker - Torrefy @ Distrikt

Holy Smokes Music asked Torrefy's lead singer John Ferguson to recount the night his band played Distrikt NIghtclub alongside Vancouver's Bushwhacker and Anceiints. Here is his drunken recollection of an evening filled with eclectic metal styles, leather jackets, and a holy fuck ton of drink tickets. 

This show taught me two things: first, Distrikt is very generous with their drink tickets, and second, a massive helping of extra spicy Noodle Box before performing a Torrefy set does not go over well. Distrikt doesn’t host many Metal shows, so seeing it full of beer wielding, leather warriors set a refreshing tone for the night. Even though we were the first band, the turn out was incredible. A beer was handed to me from the crowd as our set began, and the mosh was moving within 30 seconds of the first song. We played a fast paced set, mixing some of our oldest songs with new material, which was well received. Despite the wretched ball of chili induced torment tumbling around my insides, I was able to move around a lot on the large stage and tried to focus my energy on taking advantage of that. After our set, Bushwhacker from Vancouver took the stage, playing their seamless mix of rock melodies with a metal attitude to an enthusiastic and increasingly inebriated crowd. It is here I should touch back on how generous Distrikt was with their drink tickets. By the end of Bushwhackers set, I had consumed roughly half my body weight in beer. My memory of Anciients is being enthralled by a kaleidoscope of metal genres flowing together with tremendous force behind each catchy but respectable riff. My self-induced blurred vision suited the atmosphere that their music created so well that it was nearly worth the resulting hangover and mosh induced whiplash the next morning. Overall, the show was a success. It made me more than willing to return to that venue again in the future, and hopefully made Anciients and Bushwhacker excited to return to our city before too long.

- John