We Went To A Show | Protomartyr - Chastity Belt - TV Ugly @ Fortune Sound Club

Holy Smokes was honoured to attend and cover Protomartyr, Chastity Belt and TV Ugly at Fortune Sound Club earlier this March. So honoured in fact, that we fought through a debilitating hangover to be there, after witnessing the almighty Sabbath the night prior at Rogers Arena.

My photographer friend Mats and I arrived at the venue simultaneously in separate cabs, and hungry, decided to pop into one of his favourite spots just down the street for a quick bite. We slammed a pint of Nectarous and dined on schnitzel before rushing back to Fortune to catch TV Ugly's set. Inside, the band played their indie pop grooves while the crowd danced on, switching roles and instruments a number of times, keeping it interesting. One of the singers expressed that he had to skip his English class in order to make the show and we officially felt bad for entering half way through the set (our bad, damn schnitzel).

Next up Chastity Belt dawned the stage with their distinctive no fucks given demeanor. They quickly dove into their set with a track called "Drone" off their latest record, Time to Go Home. The song started slow but crescendoed during the final chorus: "You were just another man, trying to teach me something". Chastity Belt continued to sway and groove through their set while the crowd danced feverishly to their authentic brand of slacker rock. About halfway through the set, lead singer Julia Shaperio had to fire off a quick text to a friend, but instead of a written response she opted for a photo with the crowd. Towards the end they busted out "Time To Go Home", followed by their final song of the evening "Joke". It was a pleasure once again to see these ladies perform. Hopefully the next time isn’t too far off.

The final act. Protomartyr's arrival to the stage was imminent. The crowd oozed with anticipation. At last lead singer Joe Casey took his place in front of the mic with an arsenal of drinks to keep him company during the show. The band burst into their set with "Coward Starve", banging away with a thunderous sound. These fellows really have something unique going for them and witnessing this first hand was truly a fulfilling musical experience. Finally, upon reaching the climax of their set, Joe Casey gave thanks to the audience for their attendance and participation, expressing what a joy it was to tour the West Coast with Chastity Belt. They capped off the evening with "Why Does It Shake?”, leaving attendees with the lyrics: " Why does it shake? The body. Why does it move? The fear" stuck on repeat in our heads as we departed for the evening. Protomartyr are one of those bands that I could watch live over and over again. Their aggressive style of post-punk is highly recommendable, so don’t forget to grab a ticket to see these guys next time around! 

Photos by Mats Schram
Thanks to Blueprint LIve