We Went to a Show | Viet Cong - Lab Coast @ The Cobalt (Vancouver)

Last week the much loved Calgary band Viet Cong played two nights back to back at The Cobalt in Vancouver. We made the trip across the pond on Thursday to catch the second show which featured opener Lab Coast, also from Calgary. Playing a mix of recent recordings and new songs, all shorter than your average song length, Lab Coast's diverse indie-pop style was firmly on display. As their set wound down, the crowd swelled as bodies continued to pile into the already packed room, eagerly awaiting the headliners. Viet Cong opened with a couple tracks from their first record Cassettes before moving on to their self-titled album. Thundering along through their performance the crowd quickly matched the band's energy and trashed along to the music, with many fans screaming out the lyrics to each song as lead singer/bassist Matt Flagel's relentless and powerful vocals filled the room. The band charged through each song down to the last triumphant chords of their 15-minute plus powerhouse track Death, and finished triumphant and glistening, drenched in their own hard work.