We Went To A Show | Eventide/Weird Canada: White Poppy | Sister Blanche | Old Girl | Kye Plant @

Review & Photos  Mark Brennan

Sponsored by Weird Canada and CFUV, the evening entertainment at Centennial on Thursday night (Aug 4th) was truly special. It captured four artists in their creative prime (arguably) and showcased how diverse the music scene actually is in Victoria.

Kye plant

Kye Plant kicked things off with their rich and delicious baritone. They crooned about despair, suicide, abuse and loneliness as their electric guitar echoed around the City Hall courtyard. Then Old Girl electrified the crowd with some wild and weird experimental electrofolk. It was quite the eye-opener for those us more accustomed to her previous gentle electropop. But the biggest shock of all came when avant-garde artist Sister Blanche blew our hair back with a screamo set, accompanied by Fountain's Laura Jeffrey (drums) and Psychosomatic Itch's Jason Lei (guitar). 

Topping off the evening was White Poppy. She cut a solitary figure as she sat huddled over her guitar, but the music that she produced was the stuff of magic. Guitar loops were skilfully layered to create a mesmerizing effect. Her set became increasingly more conventional, and we were finally treated to her gorgeous dreampop voice.