We Went to a Show - Flying Lotus in 3D at MTELUS, Montreal

Review by Colin Crawford               Photos by Jack Mckay

Flying Lotus’ “3D” tour takes his infamous live visuals to the next level. After a jazzy, future-soul dance set from LA’s Seven Davis Jr, the crowd began to fidget with their red aviator-esque Flying Lotus 3D glasses, eager and curious. FlyLo dove into an eclectic set from his position behind a gnarled, tree-root-turned-DJ-station, positioned in front of a massive 3D LED screen. Abstract configurations, floating body parts, and geometric designs transported the audience into FlyLo’s twisted dimension offering a relentless workout for the eyes.

Crowd reactions to remixes of favourite tracks such as Kendrick Lamar’s King Kunta or Thundercat’s Friendzone contrasted the audible swells of excitement from large visual effects either protruding into the audience or sucking back into the depth of the screen. Captain Murphy also made a few appearances throughout the show, hyping up the die-hards at front and giving shout outs to the chillers in the back.

In a recent interview, FlyLo revealed his method for these 3D shows, essentially jamming with his visual team, reacting to each other in real time to provide a unique experience on each tour stop. FlyLo’s long term visual partners Strangeloop studios and Timeboy were joined by 3D Live for this project, creating innovative technology to re-imagine what a live dj set can be.

While the quality of the hallucinatory visuals lost some depth and focus the further from the centre of the floor you moved, the overall effect left a lasting impression. It will certainly be interesting to see if this technology will catch on for live shows, or fade out as a gimmick. Either way, this tour is well worth experiencing in its own right, and we can count on Flying Lotus to keep pushing the envelope with whatever he does next.

Thanks to Evenko & Greenland Productions for having us, and thanks for reading!

- Colin Crawford