We Went To A Show | Mild High Club @ The Biltmore Caberet

Photo courtesy of MRG Concerts

Review  Curtis Lockhart

Mild High Club was a spectacle that provided a warm, summery experience on a cold October night in Vancouver. The songs were slow, psychedelic and laid back. The band opened with “Club Intro”; frontman Brettin, with his high-slung 12 string guitar, stepped to the songs groove, moving slowly around the stage while stroking jangling chords. In spite of the fact that their latest album, Skiptracing, was released this summer, most of the set consisted of tracks off of their debut Timeline.

As Brettin sung with his eyes half open, the set was very relaxed, putting the entire audience at ease. The only problem I had with the set occurred in the middle of the song “Weeping Willow”, when Brettin decided to address the sound man about removing less of the snare drum from his middle monitor. I felt like I was being awakened from a deep sleep.That dreamy sensation I was feeling came to an abrupt stop and I could not regain it for the remainder of the song. I understand that adjustments have to be made for sound, but pick your moment. All that aside, the set was an absolute blast, each song elevating the energy of the audience more and more. After a long, anticipated chant for an encore, the band entered the stage at the latest possible moment, performing the upbeat “Rollercoaster Baby”. Given the enthusiasm of the crowd,  Mild High Club may need to play a larger venue the next time they roll into town.