We Went To A Show | POND @ The Biltmore Cabaret


Review Alex Richardson      Photos Nicole Jorgensen

On a rainy Saturday night in Vancouver, Pond filled the suffocatingly small stage of the Biltmore. The intimate venue proved an excellent setting for the Australian five-piece band to blast through their fuzzed-out, pop rock arrangements. Drenched in the psychedelic vibe of your dad’s record collection, this project consists of Tame Impala member Jay Watson, Joe Ryan, Jamie Terry, and spritely lead man Nick Allbrook, often featuring numerous collaborators.

The set started with 30000 Megatons, the opener to their new album The Weather. Although many lyrics such as, "We need 30000 megatons, push the button now" and, "How can you smile you must be, sick or mad to stay on Earth,” strike an air of melancholy or a downright depressing tone, the energy never falters. Pond exemplifies their ability to craft a perfect blend of psychedelic, rock and pop.

“I fucking love it here and you should be so fucking proud to live here!” A proclamation from Allbrook that, for a moment, inspired a surge of patriotic, drunk concert goers to scream in support. Taking one dramatic step off the tiny stage into the arms of the crowd, Allbrook belted out vocals for a highlight rendition of Elvis’ Flaming Star. Although I didn’t recognize a few of their older tunes, the energy maintained its momentum. Sweep Me Off My Feet, produced by Tame Impala frontman/creator Kevin Parker, stole the show for me. This track is destined for heavy rotation on any summer road trip playlist. As a new fan of Pond, I'm stoked to hear how the record captures the sure-fire performer Allbrook’s frenetic screams, yips and woos, but fuck me, the experience of catching this band on stage and their live cosmic journey is not one to be missed. Listen to their new album, it’s a good time.