We Went To A Show | Twin Peaks | White Reaper | Modern Vices @ Biltmore Cabaret

A Rock and Roll Party at The Biltmore Cabaret with Twin Peaks & Friends

Review Colin Crawford       Photos Colby Carruthers

Opening things up at The Biltmore was Chicago’s Modern Vices. This five piece has their own take on garage rock, featuring big swinging doo-wop rhythms and soulful vocals. Nearing the end of their month-long North American tour, these long-haired boys put on a tight and contagiously fun opening set.

White Reaper then took to the stage, transitioning the show into a pop-punk mosh. Their act is  a fast-paced, non-stop party of a set, only breaking between tracks to note how much fun they’re having in Canada for the first time. With crowd-surfers sandwiched to the low ceiling of The Biltmore and band members jumping on their amps, the crowd couldn’t have been more warmed-up for Twin Peaks.

Without a square inch to spare on the floor, the entire Twin Peaks set was one crowded blur of a dance party. Bouncing back and forth between crowd favourites such as “Making Breakfast” from their 2014 record Wild Onion and new hits from Down In Heaven, these Chicago boys could do no wrong on stage. With an Exile on Main Street feel, Twin Peaks sees no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to rock and roll. All in all, this was a phenomenal night of all-american anthems at The Biltmore.

A big thank-you to MRG Concerts West and The Biltmore Cabaret for having us!